Ada Lovelace Steampunk tribute at Zahira's Boudoir PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 22 March 2010 11:50



Here at the Boudoir I have been very inspired by the Steampunk movement. Just imagine what our world would look like if the computer revolution had really taken off in victorian times. If the Difference Engine had taken off. Ada Lovelace would be a name that everybody would know. This woman is the mother of computer programming, this is the start. having read her story i wanted to pay tribute to this remarkable woman, who not only was a great mathmatician but a mother and lady of high society. This Leather Corset and Shoulder Harness I call " The Queen Of Engines". A reference to William Gibson and Bruce Sterling character in there book "The Difference Engine". A mixture of Patent Leather and Brass, the front reminding me of the front grill of a car engine. I would like to think that Ada herself would have worn something like this to a ball. it is just sad that few people remember this woman, but then it is not that unusual for women to find that History seldom recognises us. ADA LOVELACE DAY IS 24th MARCH.


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